About Tomas

Tomas Girdzijauskas is an experienced lecturer (from 1991) who has delivered over 700 lectures on a wide range of topics. He has a deep knowledge of various subjects, acquired through his studies in electronics, medicine, business administration, classical philology, theology-philosophy, and individual courses in Israel. He applies the principle of lifelong education and is fluent in multiple languages. Girdzijauskas is also a consultant for organizations and individuals in solving complex crises using turnaround management principles. He is a family man with three children and is involved in various social activities, including being a radio talk show host, TEDx conference organizer, parliamentary assistant, initiator of a national ideas campaign AšLietuvai, founder of a Lithuanian Men’s FaceBook group, and project manager of a Swiss model Lithuanian vision project. He was also the chairman of the Lithuanian community in East London. He is also translator to Lithuanian and publisher of Nag Hammadi texts.

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